Introduction to the Scenic Are
  Cangfang tourist area, located under the Luoxiao mountains, has beautiful mountains and picturesque scenery. Hu Yaobang's former residence, Hu Yaobang's memorial hall, Cultural Expo Park, calligraphy stele forest of anti-corruption proverbs, Hu's family temple, Yaobang square, etc. are hidden among the green waters and green mountains, forming a unique charming natural landscape and humanistic landscape. It has become a collection of memorial, holiday tourism, ecological leisure, cultural heritage It is a red tourism destination integrating historical data research.

  Party and state leaders such as Hu Jintao, Zeng Qinghong, wuguanzheng, He Guoqiang and wangzhaoguo have come to visit and inspect this area successively. In 2019, the tourist volume of the scenic spot reached 2.57 million. The scenic spot has received many honors, including the national key cultural relics protection units, the National Red Tourism classic scenic spot, the national AAAA level tourist attraction, the national patriotism education demonstration base, the national first-class Museum, the national primary and secondary school research and learning practice education base, Hunan honest and cultural education demonstration base, Hunan two types of tourism demonstration scenic spots, and more and more people come here, A spiritual highland of heart washing tour, a beautiful landscape of green!

   Set sail to build a dream and prosper the country. The scenic spot is aiming at the goal of national 5A scenic spot, continuously optimizing the landscape quality, improving the tourism service ability and quality, and striving to build this red hot land, which is pregnant with Yaobang's spiritual roots and rich in red gene treasure house, into a national first-class red tourism brand!